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case-select statement


02     CASE less than 1

03              PRINT “turn off

OFF=set spin speed to zero

04     CASE 2 to 4

05              PRINT “slow spin

slow spin= spin speed 50

06     CASE 5 to 7

07              PRINT “fast spin”

fast spin= spin speed 100



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Incorrect pseudo-code

01 IF Character has reached the end of the platform

02      display “you win”

03        REPEAT

04          play music

05   UNTIL any key is pressed


previously the until any key is pressed  was at the bottom of the code when it needed to be above the END IF  as it was needed to control the repeating of the music, not ending the games. the music was set to repeat till you pressed any button and then it would stop playing.



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platform game

pseudo code-

IF character touches enemy

play sound “oops”

display word “oops” on screen


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standard delivery =£5

is the total weight more than =1kg?

£0.50 per every 0.1kg over 1kg

yes=weight = more than 1kg + £0.50 per 0.1kg

no=weight = less than 1kg= standard delivery

total volume 1000cm

is total volume 1000cm?

£0.50 for every 200cm over 1000cm

volume= 1000cm or less =standard charge

volume= more than 1000cm = £0.50 per 200cm

total weight +total volume = extra charge

standard charge + extra charge = total charge


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disadvantages of top down design

  • The solution provides limited coverage in the first phases.
  • A minimal percentage of user accounts are managed in the first phases.
  • You might have to develop custom adapters at an early stage.
  • The support and overall business will not realize the benefit of the solution as rapidly.
  • The implementation cost is likely to be higher.

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advantages of top down design

  • Your organization realizes a focused use of resources from the individual managed application.
  • The first implementation becomes a showcase for the identity management solution.
  • When the phases are completed for the managed application, you have implemented a deeper, more mature implementation of the identity management solution.
  • Operation and maintenance resources are not initially impacted as severely as with the bottom-up approach

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modular, top down design

when you have a big problem, then the easiest way to solve it is to break it down into smaller, more manageable problems. this is the idea behind top down design.  

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