Circuit and packet switching

Circuit switching is when the data picks a pre-determined route down the network to the destination. The advantages are that it all arrives at the same time and down a secure network that is only being used by you. However it is more expensive as you are using a designated server and if that server is broke you lose all the information.

A packet switch is when the data is broken up into little packets that all contain the destination ip and then each packet chooses its own route to the destination. The advantages is that if part of the server is broken it can find a different path and it is cheap as it is not using a designated server however that means it is not as safe. Also it has to wait till all the packets are back to combine and give out the information so can be slow.

Protocols- HTTP which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Within computer science, a communications protocol is a system of digital rules for data exchange within or between computers. When data is exchanged through a computer network, the rules system is called a network protocol


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