Testing Techniques

TEST DATA- black box and white box testing. in black box testing their is invalid data, valid data and borderline data. invalid data is data which should generate an error message if it was input outside of the expected range. valid data is data that you would normally expect the user to input within the expected range. finally borderline data is data where you need to be extremely careful to test it at the boundaries of different cases, to ensure they are dealt with correctly.

it is also important that any data testing which checks the validation should include the following:                                                        normal data-which is data that is in the normal range and will be accepted

extreme data- data that is on the extreme limits but should be accepted. for example if the borderline was 100 and you had 100 it will just about be accepted.

erroneous data-data that should fail if tested

TEST TABLES- is a table outlining the test plan. the heading in order are test number, part of system, test data, expected results, actual results and pass/fail.

DEBUGGING tools-it is a process of locating and getting rid of bugs from the computer.

TRANSLATOR DIAGNOSTICS-messages generated by the translator, while translating the source code and object code. it is used to find syntax and logic errors







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