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items bought at a supermarket are passed over a scanner 

describe how the system can use the information to control levels of stock

When the stock is first entered into the store is marked into the computer through files where is stored on the computer so that it can be accessed at any time. it means that when an item is being bought it is scanned through using a barcode scanner, all items have a barcode as it make it quicker to put through a computer system and also enables the supermarket to keep track of what goes in and out of the store. Once the item is scanned it will send a message to the computer so that the number of that product can be changed to the correct number. This means that when the stock get low it can send an alert to inform them that their stock is low or in some supermarket automatically order more of the stock back in. this also allows them to see what is popular and what is not so that they can see what they should keep in stock and what they should stop selling

a supermarket stores data about costumers who have loyalty cards 

explain why some customers may be concerned about giving away their personal data to the supermarket. 

when giving away informations they may be concerned of personal information being lost and so their information might be used by companies trying to sell or even trick them into giving details away such as bank details, also they may not ant to get bombarded by leaflet and information from these companies.

describe steps the supermarket can take to reassure customers about their concerns 

the company could insert special security meassures and demonstrate to their customers how it works so that they can see that it is safe.


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