System Life Cycle

A system analyst has been in charge of creating an automatic production line for a factory

The analyst followed the stages of the system life cycle. Describe the purpose of the three stages of the system life cycle which must be complete before design starts.

The first thing they must do is a project planning such as feasibility study which is where they look at what can happen, they need to see if it is  feasible within the cost, time and i f it can make a profit. they will also look at skill needed to build and it and the training needed to use it

the second stage will be system analysis/ investigation and analysis, this is were they will refine the project goals into defined functions and operation of intended. they can carry out face to interview and questionnaires to gain more information on how best to approach and build the intended project.

the third stage is user requirement. this will not define hardware or software but looks at what needs to be done. it is more to see what the users wants and needs.

What is the waterfall model of the system life cycle?

in the traditional waterfall model each stage must be completed before the other phase can commence. the result is that each page or section needs its own mini life cycle. once it has began and for example a stage has been completed, just like a waterfall it cannot go back to and earlier stage just like ho a waterfall cannot just stop and go back to and earlier stage.


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